Who loves Baked Goods?

We love baked goods! Established in 1955, Milano is still a family operated business committed to producing premium cookies and Panettone. 

The Original.

At some point between your childhood and today, there were treats that became traditions. That’s why 60 years later, Milano stands strong as the brand that you reach for when you’re hungry for home. We’re the name you happily meet at the table, between meals and memories.

It’s all so much more than just food – it’s what’s beautifully familiar.

And that’s something Worth Smilin’ About!

Back to snack time!

Pack Milano S cookies for snacktime to keep little minds ready for learning and play.

Snack. Share. Smile.
With Milano.

Milano presents #Snacktimesmiles. Perfect products for you or the snacker in your house.